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The Two Most Important Words In Social Media

Today, April 20th, is my birthday.

I woke up to a flurry of messages both on LinkedIn and Facebook, wishing me a Happy Birthday. Some were personal, some not as much. But the thought was still there and it had an effect on my day.

Some dismiss wishing a connection a Happy Birthday on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn as trivial and not business savvy. I disagree.

In this internet world of limited attention spans and "squirrel" mentalities, it's nice to pause and connect - even if it's just to say Happy Birthday.

Does it matter? Maybe not to you - but trust someone who's receiving messages as I write this - it does to the person who is getting those messages.

I often maintain that the "7 touches" rule of sales - takes 7 times connecting with a prospect to make a sale - has turned into 17 touches thanks to social media.

Even a small gesture like wishing someone a Happy Birthday can make a difference, putting you back in front of a prospect, business partner or even a friend.

So the next time you see a birthday notice pop up for your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter - take a second and wish them a Happy Birthday. Personalize it if you are so inclined and make their day!

You - and they - will be glad you did!


Chuck Hester is the Chief Communications Officer for Big Think Innovation, a business architect consultancy that helps companies plan, grow and build their futures. He is also a LinkedIn trainer and speaker, helping businesses get the most out of LinkedIn, while teaching them how to communicate effectively. Contact him directly at

Need help with LinkedIn? Feel free to message Chuck and ask about one-on-one and group LinkedIn Executive Training.

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