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Healthy Living? Me? Giving it a try...

Now as most of you know, I’m not the most in-shape guy in the world, but thanks to Stephanie Hester and her Choose A Better Life site – I’m giving it a try. Recently Steph (yes there’s a relationship, wife, in fact) posted a great article entitled Is your food killing you (find it here), and frankly it was eye opening.

We all have our weaknesses – Steph loves sugar, I love sugar, salt, coffee and butter. Now I’m trying to eat healthy and make better choices.

We’re eating less fast food, more prepared meals at home – soups, lean meats, even roasted Brussels sprouts!

Stay tuned as I will be chronicling my progress.

Oh, and if you’re in the Anaheim area in early March – check out the Natural Products Expo West March 7-10.Steph and I will be there and we’ll bring back some new ideas for healthier eating.

Who’d a thunk it? Me, reporting on organic and healthy foods! Give it a try you might like it too.

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