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3 Keys To Success & Happiness

Want success? Help others succeed.

Want happiness? Make others smile.

Want to give back? Pay it Forward.

I recently posted this on Facebook and LinkedIn not because I like "platitudes" but because I truly believe this is the key to success and happiness. Here's why:

1. Want success? Help others succeed.

In a world where we are constantly pressured to succeed, in some cases as early as kindergarten, we quickly lose site of what really matters - helping others.

Several business heroes (and mentors) of mine personify this philosophy. Richard Branson, Craig Newmark, Ted Rubin, Peter Shankman, just to name a few.

They believe that by helping others succeed they will be more successful - and it shows. They are wildly successful, but not so much so that they can't take the time to mentor others - offering advice and lifting people up.

Isn't it about time we stopped worrying about how much we have, what title we achieved or what car we drive and concentrate more on how we are helping others?

2. Want happiness? Make someone smile

I am at my happiest when I'm around people I can make smile. Whether it's my wife laughing (politely sometimes) at a dumb pun, a colleague who shares my warped sense of humor, or someone I've helped thanking me with a smile.

Purposely make someone smile this week. See how it affects YOU!

3. Want to give back? Pay it Forward!

Those of you who know me, know that I strongly advocate paying it forward - the act of helping someone else after you've been helped yourself. Not giving back to the person that helped you but paying it forward to a new person.

Take a minute pay it forward - it's simple. Thank a cop for keeping you safe. Take in the neighbor's garbage can and add a quick note that simply says "pay it forward."

The bottom line on all three of these points: all depend on you thinking of someone else FIRST instead of yourself.

Change the value proposition - you will ultimately be more successful, happier and pay it forward!


Chuck Hester is the Chief Communications Officer for Big Think Innovation, a business architect consultancy that helps companies plan, grow and build their futures. He is also a LinkedIn trainer and speaker, helping businesses get the most out of LinkedIn, while teaching them how to communicate effectively. Contact him directly at

Need help with LinkedIn? Feel free to message Chuck and ask about one-on-one and group LinkedIn Executive Training.


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