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The Power Of Belief

"You have the belief these guys have in one another, there is nothing you can't do."

- Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

I am a longtime Seattle Seahawks fan, a Pete Carrol acolyte. Down 16-0 at the half and 16-7 at the end of the third quarter, I was heartsick. But then an amazing thing happened. Seattle, lead by Coach Carroll and QB Russell Wilson refused to give up. By the time it was over, Seattle won in overtime 28-22 and are returning to the Super Bowl.

What does an NFL football game recap have to do with business? Everything. It is a lesson about the power of belief, teamwork and always playing to finish.

For me, it was personal. The number of times I thought I was defeated, even though I knew I was talented is analogous with what the Seahawks, and in particular Russell Wilson, went through on Sunday. Up until the fourth quarter Wilson had his worst football game of his career. Everyone said he was done, and would lose the game. He came back and won, with a belief in himself and his teammates to get the job done. He never gave up.

Michael Strahan, commentator for Fox Sports, after interviewing Wilson said this: "there's a lesson here. Never play to not lose. Always play to win."

Too many times we feel that maybe our critics are right - maybe we aren't good enough, or we're all talk or living in our "glory days" and don't have the right stuff to finish.

When you feel this way, remember the Seahawks: even when everyone else says you're defeated, believe. In yourself. In your team, in what you where designed to do.

That's the power of belief.


Chuck Hester is the Chief Communications Officer for Big Think Innovation, a business architect consultancy that helps companies plan, grow and build their futures. He is also a LinkedIn trainer and speaker, helping businesses get the most out of LinkedIn, while teaching them how to communicate effectively. Contact him directly at

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